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Mobile and Online Sports Betting

This training was created in response to the recent legalization of mobile sports betting in NYS and the increased calls the center has received requesting help and/or information about the topic. Participants will learn what mobile sports betting (MSB) is, be provided with a standard definition, learn how MSB works, the ways in which NYS is impacted, the potential risks and impact of MSB to adults, youth and family members, as well as the warning signs of problem sports betting, and the connection to substance use/misuse.  Participants will also be able to help individuals and families locate the help they need when presenting with problem sports betting and problem gambling.


Western Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC)

Jeffrey Wierzbicki - Western Team Leader

Jeffrey Wierzbicki is the Team Leader with the Western Problem Gambling Resource Center. Jeffrey serves as the point person for training and prevention activities. He drives community relationship-building to advance problem gambling prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts throughout the WNY region. Before his role with the Western PGRC, Jeffrey directed federal and state programs for runaway and homeless youth, including allocating and advocating for funding and support.

Angela DiRosa - Western Program Manager

Angela DiRosa is the Program Manager with the Western Problem Gambling Resource Center. In addition to assisting with awareness and outreach efforts, Angela collaborates with mental health professionals to build a robust problem gambling service network and connects individuals negatively impacted by problem gambling to the needed resources. Angela has worked in a similar field before joining the Western PGRC conducting training, advocacy, and policy change with the NYS Bureau of Tobacco Control.

Learning Objectives

Participants will leave the training with the following: 

  1. Understanding of sports betting in NYS 

  2. Understanding and definition of (MSB) mobile sports betting

  3. Understanding of MSB Apps and sportsbooks

  4. Risks involved with gambling and mobile sports betting

  5. Risks of MSB to young people

  6. Understanding the connection between MSB and substance use/abuse

  7. Understanding of problem sports betting vs. problem gambling

  8. Understanding of impact on individuals and families

  9. Learn how to get help/help someone experiencing problem sports betting

Tuesday, October 25th

10:00 - 11:30 AM


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