strategic prevention framework.

The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a public health, outcome-based prevention approach.  This five-phase approach helps coalitions move toward the goal of reducing substance misuse, risky behaviors and consequences in their communities.


the goals of the SPF for coalitions are:

To prevent the onset of substance abuse related to underage drinking

To reduce substance abuse-related problems in communities

To build capacity and provide sustainability for coalitions

To assess the community’s needs and address them accordingly


A set of behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or program or among individuals, enabling them to function effectively in diverse cultural interactions and similarities within, among and between groups.

The efforts are evaluated in terms of process, impact, and outcome.  The results of the evaluation are used to make adjustments and improvements.  Although listed as the last phase, this actually goes on throughout the process.

The collection of data to decide on the most pressing issue that can be successfully addressed with the resources available. Assessment consists of three elements: 


The selected plans/strategies are carried out.


Identify and build the human, organizational, and financial resources necessary to develop and carry out a comprehensive community plan to reduce substance abuse.  This also includes providing the training and technical assistance so the community has the knowledge and skills to plan and do the work.

The development of a logic model including goals, objectives, and action strategies aimed at meeting the needs of the community and creating community-level change.  Multiple data-driven strategies to address the problem(s) are selected and associated costs and other resources to implement are identified.

  • Identifying and understanding the population’s needs.

  • Determining necessary resources and their availability.

  • Assessing community readiness.


The ability to maintain the human, social and material resources needed to achieve your coalition's long-term goals.

cultural competence.

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