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What is a coalition

What is a Coalition?

A coalition is a unified group of people who share common interests with a desire to create a positive transformation or change within their community and/or college campus. A coalition member acts as an agent for change to achieve agreed-upon needs, solutions, and outcomes. Coalitions can mobilize at a local level using a comprehensive data-driven approach to make their communities safe, drug-free, and healthier.

Who makes up a Coalition?

A coalition promotes coordination and collaboration to make limited use of community resources. Coalitions are made up of multiple community sectors such as:

  • Youth

  • Parents

  • Business Community

  • Media

  • Youth-Serving Organizations

  • Law Enforcement

  • Faith-Based

  • Civic & Volunteer groups

  • Schools

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Government

  • Other organizations involved in substance abuse

Why are Coalitions effective?

Community coalitions are effective because they encompass various sectors within the community that form a unified body (strength in numbers). Because communities share common history, social, economic and political interests, concerns can be addressed at a local level with proven effectiveness.  By focusing on data-driven issues, problems are combated through education and environmental strategies specific to that area.

How to start a Coalition

How does a Coalition get started?

A coalition gets started by people with concerns surrounding an issue a vision of a healthier community.  These leaders step up to the plate to organize community members and sectors for a unified outcome.  They set the tone and engage the community and colleges. They involve people from grassroots to policymakers.  Their main role is to act as a community mobilizer, building relationships, and collaborating with the community.  Those who directly experience a problem are more invested in finding a solution.

Interested in getting involved?

Submit an email request, and a WNY PRC team member will contact you with details about existing community coalitions in your area. If no coalitions already exist, we can discuss the process of starting a coalition.

Thanks for submitting!

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