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The homepage will allow you to access services, news, government and local links.  Keep up to date on policy and executive orders issued by the governor that might impact your region.

Country Field

Liquor Authority

This link is direct to the state liquor authority page.  Details on licensing and alcohol sales for NYS can be found here.

US Alcohol Policy Alliance

The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance (USAPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization translating alcohol policy research into public health practice. The Alliance is committed to ensuring that local and statewide organizations engaging in alcohol policy initiatives have access to the science, resources and technical assistance, including support for organizing efforts, required to engage in informed decisions and actions in translating alcohol policy research into public health practice


Guided by our mission to lead the nation’s research efforts on alcohol use disorder, NIAAA supports research conducted within the Institute, as well as in institutions around the world. The Institute's 2017-2021 Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for optimizing the allocation of resources to areas of alcohol research most likely to benefit from additional support, translating scientific discoveries for the benefit of the public, and continuing to build on NIAAA’s position as the nation’s key source of evidence-based information on alcohol and health.

NIAAA Strategic plan 2017-2021 Prevention

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